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Host Kim Tisor interviews a different convert to the Catholic faith each week to share his or her journey while having fun along the way.
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Oct 31, 2016
Episode 38: Former Presbyterian & New Age Seeker Cari Donaldson, Part II

  In Part I of Cari's interview we heard how she found truth in Christianity following years of searching through a religious morass of options.
  In Part II Cari shares how truth deepened when she found her way into the Roman Catholic Church, the last place in which she expected to find herself. Oddly, it was a "Chick tract" written by the recently deceased Jack Chick that caused her to take a look at some of the Church's claims.
  Today, Cari has a deep devotion to the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

Brief Show Notes:
-- Find out more about the Miraculous Medal HERE.
-- Read the Catholic Answers article about Jack Chick HERE.
-- Find 30 Days for the Holy Souls HERE.
-- Find Cari's website HERE.
-- Find Cari's Ghost Fawn Podcast HERE.

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Oct 24, 2016
Episode 37: Former Presbyterian and New Age Seeker Cari Donaldson

    Author and blogger Cari Donaldson is the first to tell you she didn't grasp Christianity when she was a kid. Sure she attended church each week and prayed to God, but the understanding of the Holy Spirit evaded her. 

    Believing that Jesus was a created being, like a human son, she branched out into the New Age movement in hopes of discovering the answers to all of life's tough questions. The quest for knowing the Creator lead her to Christ. Hear her tell her fascinating story of discovery on this week's edition of Our Catholic Way!

Brief Show Notes:
-- Cari is the author of Pope Awesome and Other Stories. You can find it on Amazon HERE.
-- Check out Cari's website HERE.
-- Find out more about the Catholic Charismatic Renewal HERE.
-- Share an example of how the Holy Spirit has worked in your life. Call 731-4OU-RWAY. Will try to share comments during the next episode!

Oct 14, 2016
Episode 36: Former Methodist PK Jennifer Longworth

    Jennifer Longworth grew up as the daughter of a Methodist minister and she'll be the first to tell you that she was not the stereotypical bad preacher's kid (PK). She loved her faith and family and was overjoyed when she first heard about the Reformation in school. But her views of the Reformation's offspring, i.e., Protestantism, began to unravel when she discovered Catholic radio. Enjoy!

Brief Show Notes:
1) Some resources on the Reformation and the early Christian Church include:
-- The Apostasy that Wasn't by Rod Bennett. Find it on Amazon HERE.
-- Fathers Know Best by Jimmy Aikin. Find it on Amazon HERE.
-- New Advent article HERE.

2) Kim mentioned a cookbook that guides you with recipes through the liturgical year. It's called A Continual Feast by Evelyn Birge Vitz and you can find it HERE.

3) Learn more about the Assumption of Mary HERE.

4) Hear about Mary's Queenship HERE.

5) Find Jennifer at JoysofMercy on Instagram, Periscope, Twitter, and Snapchat.

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Oct 11, 2016
Episode 35: Former Southern Baptist Fr. Charles Merrill

    Long before I met Father Charles Merrill and he donned a collar and cassock, he was a fairly content Southern Baptist. Raised in the Bible belt he learned to love Jesus both at church and at home. But over time he became less enchanted with the teachings of "The Holy Book" and more enthralled with discoveries from history books and other intellectual pursuits. It would take a friend full of zeal for the Reformation to ignite his curiosity of Christian history. Once he began studying, the rest as they say is...well...history. 

Brief Show Notes:
-- You can find Fr. Charles Merrill's book on the true origins of Christopher Columbus HERE.

-- Read my blog posts about Fr. Merrill HERE.

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-- Find Our Catholic Way on Breadbox Media HERE.

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-- Next week we'll visit with former Methodist and pastor's kid Jennifer Longworth.



Oct 2, 2016
Episode 34:  Halloween, All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day

    Catholicism expert Scott Richert, author at, digs deep into history to help listeners discover for themselves if Halloween should be avoided or embraced.
    Is Halloween a pagan holiday? Where does the idea of trick-or-treating come from? How should you and your family celebrate All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day? Scott will answer these questions and many more during this episode.


Brief Show Notes:
-- Find Scott Richert at
-- Click HERE for the Soul Cakes recipe I found
-- Find an article Scott Richert wrote on Halloween HERE
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Sep 26, 2016
Episode 33: Catholic Revert Shalimar Masters

    Shalimar Masters is a beautiful mom to ten children this side of Heaven. She is a devout Catholic who grew up in a similarly devout Catholic home. But there was a season of life when addiction and darkness crept in and lay hold of her, making it next to impossible for her to even step foot inside of a church. It was while there, in the bottom of this spiritual pit, that God clearly revealed to her that her sin had become all-consuming and she needed to make drastic changes or else face eternal damnation. His voice was a wake-up call and an answer to her prayer to "Save me!"


Brief Show Notes:
New phone number to call OCW with a comment or question: 731-468-7929 or 731-4OU-RWAY

Kim shared Heberews 12:5-7 "And you have forgotten the exhortation that addresses you as sons: “My son, do not make light of the Lord’s discipline, or lose heart when He rebukes you. For the Lord disciplines the one He loves, and He chastises everyone He receives as a son.” Endure suffering as discipline; God is treating you as sons. For what son is not disciplined by his father."

-- Visit Shalimar Masters' blog at Life Victorious

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-- Next week I intend to explore the history of Halloween, All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day with Catholic expert Scott Reichert. Should faithful Catholics participate in Halloween? We'll find out!

Sep 18, 2016
Episode 32: Sheri Muenstermann, former Pastor's Wife

    Sheri Muenstermann was a devoted pastor's wife for a quarter of a century. But when she read the works of Mother Teresa (now Saint Teresa) she discovered a richness that she hadn't known before. Over time, the misconceptions she had believed from childhood about the Catholic Church were erased and replaced with truth. Gradually, she and her husband both realized they couldn't stay away from the Catholic Church any longer.


Brief Show Notes:
-- Sheri mentioned reading books by Saint Teresa. Some of her works include:

No Greater Love
Simple Path
Mother Teresa: In My Own Words
In the Heart of the World: Thoughts, Stories and Prayers
The Joy in Loving: A Guide to Daily Living

-- Sheri's husband, Ken, founded The St. Francis DeSales Forum to help others go deeper into Scripture. You can discover more by clicking: DeSalesForum.

-- You can find more podcast episodes on the Our Catholic Way and Breadbox Media websites.

-- Please email me with any questions, comments or prayer requests at

God bless you!

Sep 11, 2016
Episode 31: Courage International

    This week I decided to veer from the norm to bring you an episode on the Courage Apostolate, a true gift to those struggling with same-sex attraction yet desiring holiness. Courage shows men and women how those competing desires can co-exist through living chaste lives of fellowship, truth and love.
    Deacon Patrick Lappert, a convert to Catholicism and previous OCW guest, serves as a volunteer with Courage International and returns to the show to tell us about this life-affirming ministry.

Brief Show Notes:
-- Visit the website for Courage International by clicking HERE.
-- Former pastor's wife, Sheri Muenstermann, is expected to be next week's guest
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(Correction: I mistakenly say the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary was Tuesday, September 8th, however it was Thursday.)

Sep 6, 2016
Episode 30: Kim Shares Child's Autism Dx, Joy, and Praying in a Grocery Store

    Kim Tisor returns raring to go after several months away from her weekly podcast. In this episode, Kim  explains what she was doing while she left you hanging for so long, as well as shares a couple of God moments she encountered during her mini hiatus.    

    You may notice the flow has changed a bit. That's because Kim is now on a streaming Catholic internet radio network called Breadbox Media. The format you'll now hear, i.e. 48 min. or slightly less with some periodic transitions to allow for advertisements conforms to the requirements for playing on Breadbox Media. So, you'll hear it here as you would on Breadbox Media but minus the ads.  Confused yet?   

    Please check out Breadbox Media where you'll discover wonderful hosts that cover a range of topics from marriage and parenting to faith and finances.

Brief Show Notes:
-- You can still find me on occasion at Our Catholic Way
-- I mentioned I'm a marketing executive with Melaleuca where I purchase supplements for our family and to help my daughter. For more information click HERE.

-- I've also purchased supplements from Dianne Craft, CNHP. She has wonderful resources for parents of children with dyslexia and other learning challenges. For more information click HERE. (I am not affiliated with her nor have met her.)

-- Next week we'll visit with former guest Deacon Patrick Lappert to discuss the apostolate Courage International that helps those with same-sex attraction to find true love in Christ.

Apr 17, 2016
Episode 29: Former Evangelical Pastor Ken Muenstermann

    Ken Muenstermann craved a deeper understanding of the Bible and its contents as a Catholic teen. When he discovered a more vibrant approach to the teaching of the scriptures in a Protestant setting, he left his Catholic faith behind. But he would discover the "Roman roots" remained intact, even after years of seminary and planting churches. He still loves studying and teaching the Bible, but today he does so in slightly different settings. Discover more in this latest edition of Our Catholic Way!   

Brief Show Notes:

-- Read Ken's blog where you'll discover more about the Roman Catholic Church and his journey at Tridentino.

-- Ken recommends the following books:
An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, John Henry Newman
Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic, David Currie
On Being Catholic, Thomas Howard
One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic, Kenneth Whitehead

The Catholic Controversy, St. Francis de Sales
Upon this Rock, Steve Ray

Mar 19, 2016
Episode 28:  Former Church of God John Spurlock

    John Spurlock nearly lived in church while growing up and was accustomed to seeing the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of others. It wasn't until he became an adult and verbally sparred with a Roman Catholic priest, that the Holy Spirit decided to visit John in the middle of the night. He distinctly heard the voice of God and it changed his life.

Brief Show Notes:

-- In the interview, John recommends reading Catholic for Dummies
Find free CDs and audio downloads from
-- John is a Grand Knight within the Knights of Columbus at his parish

Mar 7, 2016
Episode 27: Former Non-Denominational Sterling Jaquith Part II

    Thank you for returning for part II of our interview with Sterling Jaquith of the Coffee and Pearls podcast. In this half you'll discover why despite her initial reservations, Sterling decided to follow the man of her dreams into the Catholic Church.

    Once inside she discovered a beautiful treasure, but she had to overcome a few hurdles before she could embrace it with her whole heart. Now she devotes much of her time to sharing her love for Jesus and Catholicism with all who will listen, especially women and moms with young children.

    Find out more about Sterling when you visit her website at Her husband, Michael, recently launched a podcast for Catholic men called The Stakes are High at


Brief Show Notes:
-- Here are some of the books that Sterling read and recommends for those first looking into the Catholic Church or wanting to deepen their faith:

Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, Matthew Kelly
Rediscover Catholicism, Matthew Kelly
Rome, Sweet Home, Scott & Kimberly Hahn
33 Days to Morning Glory, Fr. Michael E. Gaitley
Rebuilt: Awakening the Faithful, Reaching the Lost, Making Church Matter, Michael White and Tom Corcoran
The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning, Simcha Fisher

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-- Visit the Our Catholic Way website!
-- God bless you during the remainder of Lent!


Feb 14, 2016
Episode 26: Former Non-Denominational Sterling Jaquith Part I

    I'm constantly amazed that even when I get off schedule with posting episodes, they always seem to get published at the perfect time. Case in point: I'm posting this the night before Valentine's Day and today's story involving Sterling Jaquith has everything to do with LOVE! Desiring the love of a mate...the love she found in Christ...and the love she discovered online with a Catholic man!

    This is PART I of my discussion with Sterling, a fascinating woman who is busy with young children yet always makes time for sharing her faith and wisdom to help you through your day! She blogs at and while you're there sign up to receive her weekly Coffee and Pearls podcast!  

Brief Show Notes:
-- In the intro Kim references St. Valentine.
-- Kim talks to Deacon Greg Thompson of the website GregCast about indulgences. (indulgences link includes the definition Deacon Thompson shared from the CCC.)
-- Kim closes this episode with the love passage from
1 Corinthians 13:4-8.
-- Find Sterling on her website and on iTunes!

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Jan 23, 2016
Episode 25: Former Plymouth Brethren Audrey Assad

    This interview with Audrey Assad is a dream come true! I recall years ago when I was new to the journey hearing of Audrey Assad's conversion. She was a fairly new convert at that point, but now has a handful of years as a Catholic under her belt. Her faith paints who she is as an artist, but like all of us, she's still learning and growing and eager to share her story with you. Thank you for listening to Our Catholic Way!


Brief Show Notes:
--  Inheritance: Audrey Assad's Hymns Project releases February 12th!
-- Audrey Assad and Matt Maher perform at 2015 One Thing conference. See Francis Chan embrace Audrey Assad at the end of video. Click Here.
-- Connect with Kim Tisor on Facebook.


Dec 24, 2015
Episode 24: Former Seeker Kristen Rabideau

    What a privilege to interview Kristen Rabideau. Somehow in her childhood she learned and came to believe that Christ died on a cross to save her and others from sin. I say "somehow" because she was reared in a family that failed to emphasize the importance of faith, however they didn't discourage her from seeking God, either.
    Over time, Kristen would discover that her life was missing something and knew it was to be found through the worship of God, but with all of the options available... where?

Brief Show Notes:
-- Kristen shared that the books Rome Sweet Home by Dr. Scott Hahn and By What Authority from author Mark Shea reflected her own journey.
-- One of Kristen's favorite teachings of the Catholic Church is on redemptive suffering.
-- Kim mentioned that the Blessed Mother's title of Ark of the New Covenant helped her see Mary's important role in salvation.
-- Visit Kristen's website Drawn 2B Creative for free printables and her Printable 3-D Jesse Tree Ornaments ebook!

    Please visit Our Catholic Way on Facebook and leave a review of the show on iTunes. 
Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and all of your loved ones!

Dec 5, 2015
Episode 23: Former Atheist Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP

    Today no one would question the deep faith of Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP. People are often amazed when they discover that the woman who writes and speaks about her love for Christ and His Church, once denied God's existence. But it's her very journey involving skepticism and disappointment that equipped her to pen the book The Prodigal You Love: Inviting Loved Ones Back to the Church. She understands firsthand what approaches are most effective in reaching friends and family members who've left the fold.

    Brief Show Notes:
Sister Theresa belongs to The Daughters of St. Paul.
Patheos hosts Sr. Theresa's blog Pursued by Truth.       Kim learns the difference between a sister and a nun.
Be sure to connect with Sr. Theresa on FB and Twitter!
Connect with Kim via the OCW FB page and Twitter.
Have a blessed Advent!


Nov 25, 2015
Episode 22: Catholic Revert Cristina Trinidad

    As a child, Cristina Trinidad wanted to know what took place in church that attracted so many people from across her Brooklyn neighborhood. Her own family didn't attend, but she was allowed to investigate on her own, so she did. It wasn't long before any thoughts of God were replaced with distractions that were typical among her peers. But in adulthood following motherhood she would discover that God was there all along.

Brief Show Notes:
Cristina mentions St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)
Cristina shared that she and her husband lived as brother and sister while awaiting an annulment. Annulment FAQ
Find Cristina Trinidad's embroidery work at Handmaid Embroidery.
Find personalized rosaries from Allison Kinyon
Thank you for listening to another episode of OCW! God bless and Happy Thanksgiving!!
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Nov 19, 2015
Episode 21: Catholic Revert Allison Gingras

    Allison Gingras grew up Catholic, but other than praying the Rosary during thunderstorms, her family didn't practice the faith. Allison would remain lukewarm until an unexpected invitation to a Bible study ignited a fire in her heart. Now, she shares her passion for Jesus, His word and His Church through various forms of media with all who will listen.

Brief Show Notes:
Allison recommends the book The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.
Find Allison's radio show A Seeking Heart at Breadbox Media.

Nov 13, 2015
Episode 20: Non-Denominational Don Johnson

    Don Johnson has always been firm in his Christian faith and has spent most of his adult life reaching out to atheists to share with them the love of Christ. It was through educating himself on how best to reach atheists, agnostics, and skeptics with the gospel message that he discovered that the Lord had a message for him. He was to join the Catholic Church.
    Listen to Don's story and discover how his quest for truth lead him to produce a documentary showcasing others who have walked a similar path of conversion.

Brief Show Notes:
Learn more about Don Johnson and his film Convinced at
Upcoming guests include Allison Gingras and Cristina Trinidad.
Please join me on FB or send me an email. You'll find my email link at the Our Catholic Way website.

Nov 4, 2015
Episode 19: Former Baptist/Assembly of God/Nazarene Chris Padgett

    Chris Padgett knew the Lord and even traveled the country using his musical talents to lead others in worship. He never expected to find Christ in the Catholic Church. What was one of his biggest obstacles? Lukewarm (to room temperature) Catholics. He has since discovered vibrant Catholics and he continues to encourage others in their faith through music, writing, and speaking.

Brief Show Notes:
Chris Padgett's most recent book is Holy Marriage, Happy Marriage. (Find it on my blog at Our Catholic Way.)
Discover Chris's other projects at

Oct 29, 2015
Episode 18: Former Presbyterian Denise Bossert

   Denise Bossert's dad was a Presbyterian minister and she remembers having a strong faith in God practically from the time she could walk. It would take her father's death and time spent in his personal library to discover that her faith contained some gaps. Gaps that only the Catholic Church could fill. Listen and learn how The Journey Home, a Carmelite nun, and the Blessed Virgin Mary all played a role in Denise's amazing conversion.


Brief Show Notes:
-- Denise talks at length about redemptive suffering.
-- It's mentioned that the book Dark Night of the Soul is the pinnacle book on suffering

-- Find out more about The Immaculate Conception.
-- Get your copy of The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Oct 22, 2015
Episode 17: Former Lutheran, Bonnie Way

    Bonnie Way grew up a Lutheran. She was homeschooled to help preserve her faith. She attended a Lutheran University in Canada. While she had friends from many different faith backgrounds, it was a safe bet she wasn't planning to leave her Lutheran roots. But God had other plans when a friend in seminary discerning the priesthood slowly opened her eyes to the teachings of the Catholic Church. A lonely time in Australia when it was just her and God opened her heart to the idea of a future with her, God, the Catholic Church...and a husband.

Brief Show Notes:
History of Martin Luther
An overview of indulgences.
Get to know Bonnie better at her Koala Mom website!

Correction: Kim says Bonnie's website is It is

Oct 16, 2015
Episode 16: Former Atheist, Deacon Patrick Lappert, Part II

    What do arrogance, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, Christian radio, and the Catholic Church all have in common? They're all an integral part of Deacon Lappert's faith journey that ultimately lead him into the Catholic Church. I'm so thankful for his witness! If you are too, please leave a comment of appreciation for what the Lord has done in his life. It truly is a story of God's mercy and grace, which He extends to all of us.


Brief Show Notes:
Please visit OCW on Facebook!
You may become an honorary producer on Patreon.
Send questions or prayer requests to

Thank you and have a blessed day, knowing God cares for you!

Oct 15, 2015
Episode 15: Former Atheist, Deacon Patrick Lappert, Part I

    Deacon Patrick Lappert lost the love he once had for the God he prayed to as a young boy. Life's pain and circumstances pushed him away from the things of Heaven, yet interestingly it would be the difficulties and emptiness in life that would draw him back, but this time to a much deeper faith than he had never known.

    The journey he embarked on was a long one, full of numerous successes that most men envy and miracles that most people never experience. While God was orchestrating his life, He never received the credit. What would it take to get this Navy aviator and surgeon's attention? Listen to his journey.

Brief Notes: 
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Oct 2, 2015
Episode 13: Our Catholic Way

Former Mennonite, Krista Cole, was brought up in a happy, Christian, Norman Rockwell-like home. She spent much of her time in church and learning scripture, but always felt something was missing. It would take overcoming a difficult marriage and the pain of infertility before the road she found herself on would lead her home to the Roman Catholic Church. Her family is now larger than she ever imagined! May you discover the contentment Krista has found. 

Please leave a comment or feel free to ask a question either here or at

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